Averigua qué miedo alimenta la envidia de esa persona para conocer su perspectiva.

tienen miedo de perder sus puestos. expand_more Fear of the future and fear of progress are at the root of Europe's failings.

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you're afraid.

la educacón de nuestros hijos es un tema que nos interesa a todos. I'm afraid another girl will appear in your life. Si tienes miedo,.


. Meaning and examples for 'miedos' in Spanish-English dictionary. fc-falcon">miedo translate: fear, worry, fear.

Sample translated sentence: El miedo no puede existir sin la esperanza, ni la esperanza sin el miedo. ) phrase.



le da miedo salir de noche. masculine noun.

. por miedo a for fear of.

por miedo a for fear of.

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I don't fear what people say, or your friends.

How to say miedo In English - Translation of miedo to English by Nglish, on-line comprehensive Spanish English and English Spanish Dictionary, Translation and. miedo a las represalias fear of reprisals.

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qué miedo.

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Oct 31, 2010 · 'Miedo' is from the Spanish language.